Your official address and Back-Office in DRC

One of the legal requirements when registering or owning an already registered company in the DRC is to have a physical address with signage displayed reflecting the company’s name and registration numbers.

TIAfrica has realized that numerous young businesses just starting up in the DRC need to stay flexible and minimize their overhead costs.

TIAfrica can provide you with an office address for receiving all official correspondence and notifications as well as provide you with a meeting room for any of your meetings with your own clients and business partners in Lubumbashi.

Moreover, TIA will receive all the DRC authorities and officials who may make enquiries, irrespective of their nature, to verify the legality and authenticity of their mission. If necessary,TIAfrica will respond to legitimate queries through its legal and tax departments.

  • Use TIAfrica’s address as your official registered address.
  • TIAfrica does your DRC company’s secretarial work.
  • TIAfrica is your public officer towards the DRC administration.
  • TIAfrica’s offices and facilities will be made available on an ad-hoc basis, as and when you need them.
  • TIAfrica provides expert legal and tax advice regarding any official visits.